The majority of our thoughts are always negative and it is somewhat surprising then that we let the good ones in.  It is a heavy burden, but the fault lies in our human nature.  It is a lie.  It seems, we can't help ourselves.  We are just such Shiny Happy People.

In the winter we can't function properly because the Sun fails to provide enough vitamin D.  In the summer, that same Sun gives us skin cancer. 

Lets embrace our genetics for giving us flawed memories and a propensity to be distracted by bright shiny objects.  At least some of the daggers we direct at ourselves fail to hit their target.

But what about those that do?

I have reached the conclusion recently that it is foolish to try stop those thoughts.  They have a strong will and an endless supply of ammunition.

We have to remind ourselves and most importantly, remind each other, that we have an inalienable human will not to listen.

We are not the sum total of our mistakes.

Say thanks for sharing.  Why don't you jerk yourself a soda.  Go play in the middle of a busy intersection.  

Don't sum up your ledger, your faithful accountant is on vacation.

Be who you are mean't to be.