7 more journal entries to go.

That’s over 900 entries.

25 or so days until operation short fiction is fully in place.

One day in the future I hope to do more will all those words that I wrote with purpose and meaning. I remember well how it all started. I was listening to a podcast by Seth Godin and learned that writer’s block was a myth. I rediscovered that I have a deep rooted passion for writing and that I have been sitting on the sidelines too long. And so I decided to do what I heard on the podcast and simply write. I wanted to write fiction but that seemed like such a far reaching step that I decided to do something else instead. I decided to write about what was on my mind in hopes that while I take the time to figure out what I want to do, others might benefit and chase their dreams as well.

So I started. I just started. The first entry is about Fear. It’s a quote by JRR Tolkien talking about how fear holds us back and how we need to fight back because the world needs light.

Just like that I was a writer. I kept it going and going. Day after day, season after season, and thought after thought. But I was worried that I would eventually hit a dead and so in order to prevent myself from doing that I created a five year project. At the time five years seems like such a short period of time, but now that I am three years in and almost eight volumes written, I am glad I didn’t think too much because it has been a long but rewarding journey.

I write every weekend. I find a quote, from here or there and I reflect on it. Volume eight is almost complete and there are four more to go because the original plan has always been to have twelve so that someone could simply read something positive each and every year for an entire year.

7 – 900 – 25.

It is not the end. It is the blending of one thing into another. 

I feel very grateful to be here and extremely excited about what is to come. 


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@juja_han