Woohoo: number 900!

Don’t forget to have fun. 

Yes. Don’t forget to have fun because it’s important. Neigh, neigh, its vital that we never forget to have a little fun. Always. Each and every day because otherwise life is a long hard road that isn’t much fun for anyone.

Don’t forget to laugh and be silly. Don’t forget to make other people laugh too. We are all so serious most of the time. We take ourselves and this beautiful world of ours so seriously. We should take it seriously, but all that pent up anger and angst isn’t doing anyone any good. Which is why every single one of us needs some fun in our life. We need to do things that isn’t work related, isn’t an obligation, and well, we do it because we get the pleasure of doing it.

I’m not sure why but we’ve decided that pleasure is something bad. Something that we should not talk about or mention. We decided that fun is something that we should look for over the weekend, or on vacation, or at Christmas time. Don’t wait until you retire to have some fun. The world will change. You will change, but what will remain is the missed opportunity to enjoy your life.

After all, why do anything if in the end you are not happier? What is the point of working hard, carrying heavy burdens, paying bills, dealing with one thing after another, if ion the end all that we get is more of the same?

That’s madness I think or what quiet consumerism has given us. It’s funny isn’t it. We live in a free world but one that is very much married to capitalism. We are fee to be and do whatever we wish but first we have to make money but we get lost. We forget that we work much or little because we want to live a meaningful life. We get stuck in what we are doing and just keep working and working.

We have to remember always to have a little fun or have a lot of it if time permits

You can’t find meaning in your life. It is not a product of a long exhaustive search. Meaning is begot by waking up and expecting something splendid to happen. Happiness comes when we take ourselves less seriously and try to tickle the world.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@ninjason