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Grzegorz Kieszkowski is a Polish-Canadian writer, teacher, and speaker. He earned his Honours Bachelor Degrees in English and Philosophy from York University, along with his Teaching Certification.

Grzegorz has been an outstanding teacher and entertaining speaker for over twenty years. He is an excellent commiunicator and presenter.

Grzegorz is a worldly traveller and resides in Cobourg, Ontario, along with his wife and two small children.

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Grzegorz Kieszkowski

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Grzegorz Kieszkowski

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a new bike

This weekend was Father’s Day and I don’t think I’ve ever had a more heart felt weekend before. I’m not even sure what it was. Nothing extraordinary happened. We didn’t really go anywhere. We didn’t really go and do anything spectacular but I wish I could live in this...

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I would not feel right to not write about the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA championship last night and its about the only thing that had me up way past my bedtime these last few weeks. It was fun watching them, a very family event. Last night my wife went up to my...

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commitment & discipline

On the outside you can’t see it. On the inside you can’t really feel it because feelings flee fast and you’re left all alone. Alone with the task of where you want to go. A task that must be pursued with commitment and discipline. Commitment. Discipline. Easily said,...

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