I read a lot of amazing things each and every day and for the life of me I cannot remember where I encountered this gem or I would reference the source. The post was about the weather and how we focus on weather it is going to be a nice day or a not so nice day. We obsess about rain as much as we obsess about snow and the humidity. Oh my God the Humidity!!!

But what if instead we looked at the specific things that make up our day. Maybe we are going to spend some time with coworkers we like. Maybe we are going to have a wonderful BBQ with the family. Maybe we are going to a soccer field to not just watch our daughter play, but to make memories of a time we will revisit later time and time again.

What would happen if we focused on those things? 

I bet you that we would complain a whole lot less, do a hell of a lot more, and be grateful a whole bunch. So why not do that?

I think its time the let the weather be the weather. It will come and go as it pleases, and we will respond in kind because we always do. 

It’s time to see the little seemingly insignificant things that might happen today. The sound of our favourite song, a few turned pages of our favourite book, a delicious bite of New York style Cheesecake. We are all different and our days are filled with different things, but we are all the same in the sense that we all need to amplify what is important and mute what is not.

What little things are you doing today that will give you life? 

If you can’t think of much, perhaps today is the best day to make sure you’ve got some tomorrow.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@osmanrana