We all need a heroine in our lives.  We really need her, because we hunger for a better way to live.  We all need a hero to take us by the hand.  Someone to teach us who we are, to amplify our principles; someone to help us be who we dream of becoming.

We must remember that the heroine never fails us  We fail the hero.

We fail because we cast our free will aside and in turn are ready to worship someone, sometimes anyone.  It is much easier than living a fulfilling life.  Much easier than facing our mistakes and regrets.

When we worship our heroines, we embrace and fuel the illusion that we are actually doing something. 

In fact, we are not.  We are just sitting, staring into space, often numb, just watching time pass us by.

We support our politicians, both from the left and the right.  We admire them.  We fight for them.  Then we wait and expect them to do something. 

We put our pennies into the collection plates at church or seal our cheques in envelopes so a child can eat somewhere, and as good as that is, we lay down and expect someone else to go and do something.

We worship Christ, Yahweh, Allah, or whatever other mystical power moves us, but we are reluctant and feel broken.  We lack the desire to become the next saint and martyr. 

We pray to our god and implore him for favours.  We ask for trivial little things or perhaps we demand reprieve from a looming problem that has engulfed our lives.  We want our lives to be easier.  We seek comfort and disown meaning.  We have a tough time and don’t realize or simply forget that we need to sacrifice and hustle in order to deserve those favours.  We forget or ignore the fact that it is in giving that we receive.

We admire our political or spiritual leaders, but become cripplingly distant and reluctant to lead ourselves.  We reveal ourselves to be judgemental.  Divisive.  Obnoxious.  Self-serving and self-important.

We consume music with ferocious vigor and worship the stars that make it, but we don’t dare create anything ourselves or even stand amazed by it all or contemplate it a little. 

We want to read the news, but we don’t want to create any. 

We look for any injustice in the world and rally our angry cry against it, but we don’t fight the most pressing battles in our own lives. 

It is so much easier to articulate our position on social media about an abstract idea, than to look someone you love in the eye and tell them that they have hurt you, or to ask them for forgiveness.

The world needs a hero.  We need you.

There are many vacancies.

Stop looking out there. 

Begin to look inside.