Sometimes our language misleads us into thinking that we live a linear existence. We talk about dreams and success although it was a thing. Something you can point to and analyze and yes there are tangible things that can be accounted for but reaching your dreams is a bit like creating a gourmet meal.

At what point does that meal become a gourmet meal. Is it already a gourmet meal when we gather all the raw ingredients? When we consult our secret recipe? Does it become a gourmet meal when we start mixing all the ingredients together? Or perhaps when we first get a whiff of the delicious aroma? Or perhaps it happens when we first taste it? Or taste it again? At what point does a gourmet meal become a gourmet meal and at what point do you walk into your dreams. 

Or do you have your dreams in your life already? 

Perhaps you have all the ingredients to be happy and get out of life? Maybe you actually know what you have to do? The recipe may be old, but you’ve read it so many times that you know exactly what to do next. It is just a matter of doing.

I think if we could realize that in fact we are living out our dreams, we would take more decisive action to get in a little deeper. We see life in linear ways. We think an author or a painter is an author or a painter because of their book or painting, but in fact a writer is a writer because they write and a painter, likewise, is a painter because they paint. 

It is not their success. You don’t have to wait for the aroma of success or to taste happiness to behold your dreams. Your dreams is hidden inside of the daily ingredients you already own and possess.

It is time to do something with those ingredients. It is time to realize that you are smack in the middle of your life and inside of your most beautiful dreams. You just have to work to get them out. It’s a lot easier than thinking you have to get them from somewhere. I am not sure where you would begin, but you can begin inside of you. There you will find all that you need. There you will find all that you’ve ever needed. 

We are not born orphaned and we are not born to fail. We have always been supported by somebody and we were born to win. 

You will never walk into your dreams, because dreams are not a thing. It is not a beautiful house, or a romanticized relationship. Dreams don’t come true when you win the lottery, or get promoted at work. You just get more money. Dreams are different. You have to be aware of them and engage them every day. 

This whole dreaming process is a bit mysterious. Commit and dedicate your life to it and magical things come to be. Things you cannot see now. Things you probably can’t even imagine. Things you will be so grateful for that tears will fill up your eyes.

You will never walk into your dreams, because you carry them with you always.

Dreams are not a thing. They are everything.

Cover photo generously provided by photographer Maarten van den Heuvel.