I am writing this because I want to remember this weekend down the road.

It started innocently enough. I packed up my silver Hyundai and headed to Burlington for a bodybuilding show to set up my tradeshow booth. I stopped in Scarborough first to meet some friends for lunch and in the parking lot a truck not paying attention who was behind him rammed into me and damaged my old car enough that it will be written off.

The crazy part is that he is from Cobourg too. That man drove the same amount of kilometres just to ram into me. What are the odds of that?

I didn’t feel frustrated. I felt lost. He didn’t want to go through insurance and at first I was open to it. By another string of coincidence there was a mechanic within 30 paces or so away. He deemed my car drivable, but I called my insurance company after all and reported the accident. 

I left at 11am and estimated to be in Burlington by 4pm. I arrived 4 hours later tired but in good spirits because I have learned over the last for yours that you don’t control fate but you do control how you react to her.

The rental car was an adventure too. I was told I would have to get an oil change if I wanted a car because it really needed it. I mean, come on? Who runs this kind of business, but in the end there was no need for it. It looked like I was going to get a Van, a pick up truck or a Jeep. I hated all of those options, but by another string of coincidence, a 2019 Hyundai Elantra came in and so I am driving the exact same car just 10 years older and a lot quieter and smoother.

I left the car rental place to switch all of my stuff for the tradeshow. The mechanic there was super lovely and waited for me to return. I met some really nice and kind people that day.

When I arrived I noticed there was no key in the ignition. I turned it off and realized that the owner of the rental place did not give me a key and so I waited once again for them to give me the keys. By this point I had a smile on my face because that shit is just funny.

There was not a lot of opportunity at the tradeshow either. Not from the athletes anyway. I was in a good spot I think and I engaged people but I was not pushy. I made the best of it though by talking to all the vendors. Amazing things happened.

I don’t want to get too excited just yet because nothing is real yet. It is all fairy dust at the moment but I have a chance to work with some athletes and be featured in a magazine, I made a very special connection with a trainer that might use me for photo shoots in the future, and an offer to shoot 15-20 weddings came up. I have always said no, but maybe I need to revisit the idea. Restructure how I shoot weddings so that I am more fulfilled. Maybe God is trying to tell me something.

Maybe he sent a guy from Cobourg to make me think about things. How much do you want this? Where is your mindset are? Or maybe this was just a series of unrelated happenstance. In either way I will write the story the way I want to.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/dlGhQPIstkQ