We are always looking for a better way to get where we want to go.

When things get difficult and our days become particularly burdensome, we begin to grow tired and look for short cuts.  We look for a quick way out.

We look for a path that will get us where we want to go faster.  We want to be right there, right now.  We second guess ourselves, and begin to imagine that we how overlooked or missed something.  We grow ever so tired of waiting, of digging, of planning, of collaborating, of making mistakes, making grave mistakes, of connecting, of changing, of doing things over  and over again.

The good news is, that there is short cut.

There is a fast way of getting there.  But it is not faster and shorter because there of some hidden widget or insight, but simply because starting over, or not continuing with what you are doing, will take you far longer to get you there. 

There is simply no substitute for the great work you are already doing. There is no easier way to dig your ditches.

Occasionally, you need to adjust your plan.  You need to improve your technique and skill set.  But you need to come to terms with living with that uncomfortable feeling of rolling with inevitable change and struggle. 

You need to keep a positive attitude.  You must hold on to your faith and embrace hope.  You need tenacity, fortitude, and patience.  You need all of it if you are to become who you dream of.  If you are to become the person the world has never known before.

The shortest way out is always through.

You may, on occasion, be distracted by a new report of a person who has experience a sudden rise to fame.  Has discovered an amazing invention.  Has recorded a revolutionary new track that suddenly skyrockets up the charts, and steals countless awards.  A new book, a new medicine, or a new way of doing the same thing, upside down.

You are in real danger of getting distracted by the success of your peers, who seem to have discovered something you are missing.  Something that you long for, and are unable to find on your own.  They are lucky somehow.  They seem to have learnt something.  Something that has made their life a little fuller, and their business richer.

When you begin to look for the quick way out, remember that the road you’re on, leads to great things.  It is a meaningful and noble road.  It is a road you chose for a reason.

To leave it now, would only mean more time, and an even longer journey.

It is definitely not a short cut.

Short cuts always end unexpectedly and quickly.  They may not be dead ends, but they don’t provide any sustainable framework for what to do next.  They only help you become famous.  Rich.  Short cuts may garner you, millions and millions of followers.  But now what?

Do you have a plan for your new-found fame?  Do you have a meaningful plan for your new false friends and your money?  Do you have what it takes to actually feed the millions of followers you decided to invite over for dinner?

Take a deep breath and take the shortcut you’re on.

Brace your back, wipe your brow, and keep digging.

The shortest way out is through.

The shortcut you seek, is the long walk you’ve already begun months, if not year ago.

Good things are coming. 

Dreams do come true.

Just put one foot, in front of the other.