I want to fly.

There’s no doubt in my mind now.

Not anymore. Not now.

I want to fly, and my dreams have been gloriously reawakened.

It has taken me far too long to think it through. It has taken far too long to embrace. Thankfully, however, I am fortunate, that there is plenty of time to see it through.

I want to fly.

No doubt about it.

Having never flown before, I am well aware of the risks. Even if I wasn’t, there are many kind, or seemingly kind people, who are willing to point those dangers out to me. To discourage me and you for that matter, from flying too close to the sun. From dreaming. From trying. From living an vigorous life, instead of watching from a distance. A life of timid but safe observer.

After almost five decades of listening to people, you get to a point in your life where you stop caring about the risks. You stop giving some rats behind about what people say. Stop caring about the seemingly inevitable calamities that lie in wait. How embarrassing it will be. How humiliated you will feel.

You begin to trust and use the wings that you were born with. You become empowered by them. You marvel how they have grown in strength over the years, despite the fact that they have never seen high winds.

You begin to anticipate and dream about your moment.

The moment when you excitedly nudge yourself forward, toward the precipice of possibilities. Hoping you will not change your mind. Hoping for the beautiful things to come. Hoping you won’t waste any more time and will now, right now, summon the courage to leap.

You should fly too.

Fly towards your dreams. Fly to places of unseen opportunities. Fly with people you would otherwise never have a chance to meet.

After all, you’re not flying away from something, but to the contrary. You are flying towards something. Something new. Something meaningful. Something absolutely magical.

Staying grounded is safe and comfortable.

But you were not built for safety and comfort.

You are governed by powerful inner voices, for sure, like your conscience, so that you don’t do anything truly stupid (anymore), but outside of those few mishaps during those college years and beyond, you were always meant to be great.

You were meant to be a force to be reckoned with.

And you can’t cause trouble, walking around, half asleep or semi awake, definitely fully confused, waiting for a sign, hoping for a push, and being content with so very little.

So, come fly with me.

Ignore the dangers of flying too close to the sun and realize the agony of flying too close to the ground or not flying at all. Of giving up, and not making any effort to share your gifts with others.

I will fly alone, but I prefer some company.

The sky is a big, majestic space, full of infinite possibilities.

With room for everyone.

But those possibilities won’t come to you. You must come to them.

I feel sad and nauseated because I haven’t leapt before. I wasn’t willing to work hard enough, long enough, and I quit way too early, before I could embrace my dreams. But as despondent and stomach-churning as this reality is, I think it would be unforgivable and indefensible, to believe that it’s too late for me now.

It would be unforgivable and indefensible for you too.

Time moves forward and for this reason it is never too late.

Never too late to let go of our fear.

Never too late to ignore the negative chatter that binds us to our insecurities.

Never too late to begin.

Never too late for courage.

Never too late to leap.

Never too late to fly.