Change is like the ocean.  It is relentless and tireless in its majesty.  Wave after wave.  From low tide to high tide.  Day in and day out.  It pounds and pounds the sand.  It never stops or dissipates, for it is never static. 

Our life is like the ocean, an uninterrupted dance, full of very dynamic movements and subtle transitions.

The dance itself is not very complicated, that is if you’ve had the chance to dance for a while. 

There are only two steps.

You either bend and live or you break and die.

I highly recommend the first step.  It is a lot more fanciful and far more forgiving.

We are in total control of our movements and choices.  We own the way we respond to change.  Granted, we somewhat simple creatures, extremely finite and venerable, offering very little resistance to the rhythm or even the pace of the given selection.

I learned from Colonel Frank Slade that in life, like in the Tango, when you get tangled up, you just simply Tango on.  You bend in order not to break.  You take a step back or you stand perfectly still.  You take a deep breath and you Tango on.

We bend best when no one is watching, but why do we break so much when we are not alone?

Is it fear? 

Fear of what exactly? 

Fear of fear perhaps?

Don’t be afraid to be a fool.  Don’t be scared of being alone. 

There is no shame in being wrong.  There is no denying you will make your next mistake, probably sooner rather than later.  Our failures don’t define us and pose a tremendous opportunity that bend us and mold us into a more complete human being. 

Our stubbornness and resistance to change will usher us to a cold and early grave.  Some of us are truly the Walking Dead.

Go out and dance, but don’t wait too long.  Don’t get trapped and demand life play you a perfect song, or sing you, your favourite melody.

Tango where you are and tango who you’re with.  Dance blind and carefree.

Learn to bend and you will never break.