What does your day look like?

Are you looking forward to something? Are you getting at something? Is there something you can’t wait to do today? 

Something important? Something meaningful? Something lasting?

Or did you just wake up tired? Hangover? Restless? Unmotivated? A bit bitter?

How do you intend to spend your day?

Do you intend to get at something or is your plan just to get through?

Getting through seems to be the norm.

People celebrate the coming of the weekend like they are getting a reprieve from a life sentence. They see it as an opportunity to leave their prison cubicle for a little while. They thank God its Friday. A God they rarely think about and don't really believe in for that matter.

But no matter.

It’s not even Friday. It’s Thursday, but you’ll have to excuse me as I am just getting through.

But getting to is better.

Not easier, thats for sure, but better.

The time involved is the same, the effort may very from day to day, but outcome is drastically different.

Getting through means you want out. You want certain things to end. You want a fresh start. A new piece of paper to draw on. Another chance to do something glorious. But when the new day comes, you only want to get through it as well, out of habit and it makes no difference one way or another, and so one week rolls into the next, and the next, and another.

While you are busy getting through, one day you’ll end up getting through to realize there are no more days to get through. You threw them all away. You always chose to walk towards something new that had no real purpose. You keep running away like you had something better to do.

What are you getting to?

What’s on the agenda today? 

I don’t mean what menial tasks your boss has set for you. I don’t mean the groceries you have to buy today, the recitals you have to take your kids to, the meals you have to prepare, or the dishes that need to be put away before you get to sleep.

What are you getting to?

What’s on the agenda for your happiness?

What are you doing that matters?

What are you building? What are you learning? What are you contemplating? Designing? Planning? Divining?

You have to get to something.

You have to get at something.

No matter how small or insignificant.

Getting through is not for you. 

You want to get at things.

Embrace your day. French kiss the morning. 

Live with purpose. Be tired for a reason. 

Want to get to bed because tomorrow there are many things to get to as well.

Life is not about getting through.

It is not a maze, or a game, or a burden.


If you’re getting through,

you are certainly not getting to, 

and thats a shame,

because you’re to blame.

Learn to get to,

before your time is through.

Don't forget to smile,

because your dreams will take a while.