As you sow, so also shall you reap. What you think about will define your life. What you believe in will come true, and that which you do not plant will never see the light of day. 

So why not plant good thoughts? Why not invest and focus on the good things in your life, instead of the muck. And why not do it today, sooner than later, and do it tomorrow, and keep doing it again and again, so you can have a bountiful harvest.

We tend to believe this with our mind, but we have the toughest time submitting to it emotionally. We are stubborn and neglect to sow. No, we don’t question the validity of the statement. We know that it’s true. What we question is ourselves. We question our own worth. Our own personal ability to be able to sow and reap, and we search and find countless examples in our life when we sowed and didn’t reap, when we tried and failed, when it was best to just move on and forget our dreams. Those dreams seem fine for everyone else, but not for us. We are able to clearly see multiple examples of success, but deep down, we don’t really believe that it will ever happen to us, and what’s worse we don’t believe that we deserve it. 

Now what the hell are we supposed to do with that? What is anyone supposed to do with any of that? How is life supposed to reward someone who adamantly refuses to believe, work, and accept what they are worth?

You have to change.

It won’t be easy and there will be setbacks but you have to change. No. This is not a fairy prairie process. The prairie will yield what you are willing to toil and sweat. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. 

At first you will not believe it, so it’s important to at least say it. Use the words of success and great harvest, even though you may not feel like anything worthwhile is actually going to happen. Don’t worry. You first have to cultivate and ready the ground. You have to change the way you see the world, leave the negativity behind and start using the right words, which will ultimately lead you to good thoughts and to great results.

This is not wishful thinking. This is as concrete and as scientific as it gets. You will get what you put in. You might not get all of it, but you will get some of it, and its the some that is most exciting part about living. 

You don’t have to be the best novelist on the face of the planet or all time. You just have to matter to a few people who will support you and want to hear from you again. You also don’t have to rescue every stray dog in the city. You just have to give a good home to one, or buy a ranch and give sanctuary to a few dozen. 

Remember that you will reap what you sow and sow you must. Don’t worry about how you feel or where you’re at. Dream about things that never were and begin to take a step toward them. Living a moment in your dreams is still better, than being nestled in your nightmare.

Go and sow something today. Sow with purpose and meaning. Get better at sowing. Get better at everything. Rest your muscles. Just wait till the harvest comes in.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Peter Kleinau via