Don’t try to win over the haters; you’re not the jackass whisperer.

Brené Brown


Haters are gonna hate and a jackass’s are gonna hee-haw, but you will never, ever be a jackass whisperer.

Nor should you ever be one anyway because the company you keep is the measurement of the life you live. And that beautiful life should be full of wonder and awe, endless dreams and possibilities. It should be overflowing with hope, optimism, head held high and a gaze that is constantly looking forward.

But that is not the reality and that is not our fate. We don’t control who is in our life. We control who we let into our heart and with whom we share are inner most thoughts, but who we work for, who works for us, and who the people we love bring home and get in a fight with at school, all those people are beyond our credential level.

We don’t control haters and jackasses. What we do however control the time we give them and how much of our thoughts are spent trying to convert them to our side. It is an impossible endeavour because we want two different things. People who don’t like us, derive great pleasure in seeing us fall and are entertained by our misfortune. They don’t want to change. They feel so miserable about their life and are so jealous of our smile, that they want to bring us down a peg. In a way they want to be equal. But them don’t want to rise, or when we play the jackass, we don’t want to rise, instead we put all our efforts into watching them fall. 

Don’t be a jackass.

Feel free to hee-haw if that’s your thing, but don’t be a jackass. There are plenty of real and beautiful donkey’s in the world, and we don’t need any of those human-donkey hybrids which really serve no purpose to the donkey’s and humans alike.

Don’t pay attention to the critics, most of all don’t pay attention to yourself. Not until you’ve got the confidence and wherewithal to know who you are and are unshakeably kicking ass and taking names.

You’re not a hater whisperer. You don’t know what they want, how they want it, or how much of your heart you have to cut out until they will be satisfied. You’re not Shylock. Nobody is demanding a pound of flesh from you. You don’t owe your critics a single thing, perhaps a lovely smile, and a thank you for noticing that you are great.

That is perhaps the single biggest lesson we have to take away from people who don’t like us and criticize what we love. They don’t add anything to the conversation but they are indeed quite bold in voicing what many people will not. They voice the fact that we are something good and that we’ve created something worthwhile. Otherwise why would they open their mouth and spew their venom to begin with. A donkey see-haws because it observes and wants something.

Be a dreams whisperer. 

Be true to who you are. Pay attention to where you are and leap into possibilities by doing what you need to do next.