Good thing it’s not Friday or there would be a flurry of excitement everywhere because the thirteenth day of the month happens to fall on the fifth day of the week. I am not sure where it began or who designated thirteenth Friday’s so unlucky, but no matter what, the belief is repeated over and over by millions throughout the world.

Worse. Our superstitions prevent us from having a thirteenth floor because it might be a tough sell, of course the joke is on the people living not the fourteenth floor because surely they have to realize that they are actually living on the thirteenth floor. And that’s just it. Why do we let superstition or scripts we have written for one reason or another, that probably served us well at some point, still dictate who we are and what we want.

Take shyness for example. A most common story line for most kids. Children act shy and become shy because they realize that the world is unforgiving sometimes, that not everyone is their friend, and that people in authority don’t look too kindly on failure. And so children, teenagers, and eventually adults hide away from the potential of who they could become. 

This script started for a reason and it served a purpose. It truly did. Hanging back and not being on the front line does mitigate some of the danger and save you from a whole lotta something, but what about now? You’re middle aged, the people who had authority over you are either dead, or have lost all their teeth and are in a rocking chair somewhere, so what is that script worth today?

Perhaps it is a chance to change that script? Maybe it’s time to question and adjust the stories we tell ourselves about many of the things we can and cannot do with our lives. We tell ourselves that its impossible to save money. That a good man is hard to find. That life is hard, so you might as well expect the worse too happen so you don’t get to disappointed.


Money is money. Good men and women are everywhere, and why not truly great things to happen in your life? Who are you not to expect great things to happen in your life? How could they not?

It all starts with a story. You don’t have to believe that you’re great. You don’t have to feel that you’re great, but you have to believe that you are great. It starts with a belief. It starts with you writing kind things about yourself on little sticky notes and plastering those notes all over your house. When you spread them everywhere you probably won’t need them, but as time passes, they will remind you how great you are, and you won’t slide down as low as you could have.

Sticky note your mind with the truth. Take the time to voice and point to all the wonderful things you have done and the wonderful person you are. No one else is going to do that for you. People know you are great, but they are just too shy to say so.

Start with thirteen today. Get thirteen sticky notes, and put them up somewhere. Don’t alarm your family, perhaps hide them at first, but make sure they are not so well hidden that you’re never going to look at them again. Get busy. Write stuff down. Change your story and help others change theirs.

1. I am a good father of two wonderful children

2. I am a good husband

3. I am a good English teacher

4. I am damn funny with the right people

5. I know how to choose naughty words without getting dirty looks

6. I have beautiful brown eyes

7. I love how my head feels freshly shaven

8. I have a deep love for 1980’s Heavy Metal music and I won’t hide that anymore

9. I am kind to all living creatures, even ants and flies

10. I am a consistent writer

11. I am a good photographer 

12. I believe in God

13. I am becoming an artist

Cover photo generously provided by photographer Zhen Hu