Never forget to drive at your own pace.

Don’t drive too fast and don’t drive too slow. It’s important because you will lose control and take on the burdens and whims of another life. A life you do not want. A life you were not meant to live.

This came to me on my drive this morning. I did what I usually do. I got on the highway and merged into the middle lane headed west. I always travel in the middle lane, purring at a comfortable 120km/hour because the transport trucks always travel in the right lane at a restricted rate of 110. I don’t want to be slowed down, so I stay in the middle and to my left I am passed by cars who are in a rush. Where they are going, I don’t know, but they speed past me like I was Thomas the tank. The little engine that could, or couldn’t rather, huffing and puffing my way along the highway.

It hit me this morning. I choose to drive on my own pace and on my own terms and this is a very important principle to adopt in life.

I encountered a car this morning who didn’t know who there were or what they wanted to be. They drove too slow in the middle lane so I passed them. They sped up and passed me and slowed down again. It’s like they wanted to dance and I was tempted but I didn’t. I wanted my thoughts to be free to wonder wherever they wanted and I knew that if I engaged that would not happen.

There are many things in your life that seek your attention. People push and pull you into their lives for the better or worse.They demand and seek your attention. They want to tell you their stories. They want to celebrate or complain. Bitch and moan. It is up to you if you let them.

Never forget that you drive at your own pace.

Your own pace.

It doesn’t matter what the person on your left or on your right is doing. It doesn’t matter how much further they seem, or how tiny they appear in the rearview mirror. They are not your competition. They might not be your friends either. They are wonderful people that are simply playing an infinite game.

We all play an infinite game that allows us to be someone, instead of doing something. It’s important to be instead of do. To become instead of achieve.

We play the infinite game but we sometimes forget and play by finite rules. We get sucked into focusing on the slow poke who is irritating every fibre of our existence and should have never been in our lane to begin with. We get competitive. We get mean and nasty. We get preoccupied with things that don’t matter in stead of experiences that do.

So remember to set your own pace.

Drive in your own lane. Drive within the limit, but don’t let others dictate your next move.

Your own pace.

There is no rush. Everything can wait.

Dream at your own pace.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Adam Grabek via