I have learned how to time travel and so can you!

It doesn’t require defying the laws of physics or going back to 1985 to save the future. All you need is a clear vision of who you want to be and the kind of life you want to live. You then need to find someone who is or has what you want and you need to ask them or pay them to guide you how to get there.

This is an unbelievable super power and yet so many people each and every day do their own thing without seeking guidance and following the steps exactly.

That’s what I am doing. 

I have invested a small fortune into photography coaching. I have purchased amazing photography tutorials in the past. I have invested in two writing courses that teach you step by step how to take your thoughts, turn them in to things, and publish them in order to connect with others.

Today I got an email about another course. Another opportunity to travel in time and be and have what I want. It’s an opportunity to learn from the best about how to start, record and distribute a podcast. Yes, I know that its the latest rage and that everyone is doing it. Pretty soon there will be so many podcasts that it the format will become another youtube.

I am intrigued by the opportunity but hesitate a little bit because I don’t know if I can add another thing to the plate. Although my mind is reasoning that my Quintessential Quotables and a podcast would be one and the same thing. It would just be work of another kind.

I will keep you posted what I decide but I think I might time travel again. 

I want to stress again how important it is to do so and point out the mistake of doing so and not following instructions exactly. There is a great danger in that. It’s dangerous when it doesn’t work out. If it does there is no problem. There is never a problem, but if you don’t follow the instructions exactly to the best of your abilities, how are you ever to know what went wrong? Was it the instructions or was it the student? The devil is in the detail and in order to gather that kind of intelligence we have to trust and give ourselves over to someone else. No matter how hard it is or how silly we might look. It doesn’t matter. Our dreams require fuel and our obedience, commitment and discipline is the price we have to pay to be and have what we dream of.

Won’t you time travel with me?

I think you should and I want to hear all about it when you return.


Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@andybeales