You cannot serve two masters.

You must keep your obedience for one or the other.

It is impossible to become a servant of both and bear good fruit.

For example, you cannot be a slave to taste or nutritional substance at the same time. 

You must decide to either pursue the meals that taste good, in order to satisfy and appease your pleasure buds, or you can seek out nourishment that will help your body function well, and give you tremendous energy to pursue your dreams. 

This does not mean you cannot, on occasion, enjoy some delicious food stuff, for the pure joy and taste of it, but it is impossible not to get a little chunky by extending obedience to both. 

So, you have a choice to make.

Will you give the best years of your life to your family and friends, so they have an opportunity to discover who you really are, or will you give those precious years to your boss, your illusion of retirement, or your prickly gossiping companions?

You need to decide.

Decide today.

You can either know every speck of gossip that is going around town, or you can choose to be ignorant of it, by leading and working on the things that matter.

You can read books for entertainment or their knowledge.

You can listen to music for pleasure, or to dream of things that never were.

You can help the needy out of some deeply rooted sense of guilt, or you can reach out to them, as fellow human beings, knowing that living without, is the same as having and not sharing. 

Being human is what matters, no matter which end you happen to be hanging on to. 

It is time to make a tough decision.

A most wonderful decision.

Who do you wish to serve?

Do you want to be happy or sad?  Decide and act accordingly.

Do you want to be fat or healthy?  Decide and be careful what you shove in your mouth.

Do you want to impress the heart of your lover, or gain the false admiration of acquaintances?  Decide, and act accordingly.

You cannot plow ahead and look backward.

You cannot regret the past, ignore the present, and live in the future.

Decide who or what you are going to serve.

You are not your job. 

You are not your past mistakes.  You are not as funny as people tell you – you are, and you are not as disgusting, as they purport you to be.

There is enough time in the day for everything, but you must come at life with only one thing at a time. 

When you are with your family, don’t let your thoughts escape to all the work that you left undone, and when you are at work, get to work, and don’t let your thoughts escape and serve the weekend.

Some of our deepest struggles are our personal inner battles with ourselves. 

It is our inability to identify and know what we want.  Our inability to focus and get distracted by colourful butterflies, and bright shiny objects. 

We must stand firm and profess our allegiance to but one master.

Pick them wisely, because some masters are better than others.


Decide today.

Follow your heart.

Don’t look back.