No, I can’t. 

Yes, you can.

We can play this game all day long, but at some point, I am just simply going to walk away from you and this circular argument, and do something productive. 

Because I can.

We don’t often want to face the truth, that we are powerful beyond measure.  The only limits that govern our lives, are the restraints we have harnessed ourselves.

I know this sounds highly illogical, improbably, and empirically undefendable, but let me ask you something.  Where has your thinking that you can’t, gotten you so far?  And if it took that long to get to this point, how much more are you going to endure being dragged face first, behind the sixteen-wheeler of life?

Life is a demanding task master.  Demanding and generous.  Generous to a fault, but only if you can.

I know your parents fought when you were a child.  You mom was an alcoholic.  You had no friends growing up.  I know you moved a lot.  You got in with the wrong crowd.  I realize that you’re addicted to nicotine, a little sweet grass, and some painkillers.  I know your wife left you and your kids don’t listen to you.  I understand that the court system is rigged.  The prices are too high.  There is not enough time.  There is not enough money.  Nobody understands.  And if I only could be like him or her.  If I only had what he or she had. 


I got tired just typing that.  I can’t imagine living it, and to be perfectly honest I have lived it, and in moments of weakness, I live it again.

You can.

Yes, you can.

You can choose not to shove a Vanilla Dipped donut in your mouth.  You can choose not to smell like an ashtray.  You can lift weights and run marathons.  You can choose to wake up at whatever dog time you please, and do whatever cat tells you. 

You can forgive. 

You can forget. 

You can quit your soul crushing job that is killing you faster then your collection of tiresome addictions.  You can spend time with people.  If you have no people, you can find people.  You can shower, comb your hair, and ask someone on a date.  You can write a poem.  Cook your children their favourite meal.  You can cut your elderly neighbour’s grass.  You can talk to your dog.  Brew the best damn coffee, on this side of Seattle. 

You can do, whatever the hell, you think you can.

But never say you can’t.