You can and you will.

You have to believe it and live it out because if you don’t or if deep down you don’t believe it, you will have a hell of a time executing something you are subconsciously and secretly preparing to sabotage. We often stand in our own way. We are our own worst critic. We bully ourselves into sterile submission.

If you say you can’t, if you believe you can’t, and if you think you can’t, well then, you can’t. It’s very easy to say what you want. It’s easy to dream about it, think about it, but the way you go about things, and the words you use and the sighs you release are the real indicator if what you want to come true is ever going to come true.

Saying you can’t is easy. It takes no effort. It requires no action. It attracts many voices who will echo your defeatist sentiment. No one ever wishes for failure and the mistakes we make happen despite ourselves. It’s not easy is to keep going in the face of adversity. Sure, it’s somewhat helpful to put up motivational sayings all over the house, to like and share cute inspirational sayings on social media, but it will take some real grit and stubborn will, to get where you’re going. It will take pain and sacrifice not to give up and to keep going.

I can keeps going no matter what. It doesn’t keep score. It doesn’t add up the cost. It doesn’t ask for a guarantee that something is going to work. It doesn’t see the misguided opinions of others.

She who says she can is a force to be reckoned with. A most threatening energy to others, which is why you should be prepared that there will and always is blowback.

I can’t comes with immediate rewards. The effort stops. The work stops. Comfort returns, but it won’t be long before your soul is unsatisfied again. It’s not long before your loneliness suffocates your life.

I can is different. There is no immediate satisfaction and as a matter of fact there is no real satisfaction at the end either. I can is a state of being. It helps you to move forward because that is what the act of living requires you to do. I can is an oxygen. It gives you life. I can is like a vitamin. It changes the composition of your body slowly over time without you realizing it. I can’t is like a sugar rush. It lifts you up and when it burns out, you are left helpless and crash back down to the floor.

Repeat after me.

You can and you will.

There is no reason to think into the future. It doesn’t exist, it will come about based on the actions you take or don’t take. The future will be born out of your idea if you think you can or if you are resigned like so many others that you simply can’t.

You can.

There is no doubt about it. It took a real miracle for you to even get here. It takes seven billion other miracles throughout the world, connected together for you to continue your existence and so with all that effort, is it any wonder you are meant for greatness?

Don’t fight it. Accept it.

Humbly bow your head, look up and turn your thoughts into things.

Say out loud.

I can and I will.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Hillie Chan via