Yeah, I know. You’ve been here before, and yeah, I know it will never work. I mean, you’ve tried and tried, time and time again, and failed, only to find yourself right here, exactly where you were before. It seems that in life nothing ever truly changes. Except maybe that you get older, and the world never stands still.

Yeah, I know. You’re not good enough. You need a bit more time. You need a little bit more of something. Not quite sure what that something is, but you definitely need a lot more off it. Yeah, I know. You imagine the day when you will be finally good enough and how great that will feel. How wondrous life will look at that moment. Yeah, I know.

I know. I know how easy it is to dismiss yourself and pretend that you’re not really great, beyond your wildest imagination. I know. How could you be great? So many mistakes. So many dead end roads. So many ugly frogs, late nights, new beginnings, resolutions, absolutions, and endless revolutions.

Too many regrets and seemingly infinite disappointments.

Yeah, I know.

But what if you’re wrong. What if the script you wrote, or someone handed you when you were young has worn out its welcome, or has ceased to be useful any more. What if you have been here before, but there will be a new place you will go? What if you failed before but are about to strike success? What if you are good enough? What if nobody is good enough or deserving enough, but they make the best of what they’ve got and graciously accept everything that comes their way?

What if you need too stop heaping unflattering insults on yourself when you gaze at yourself in the mirror. Yeah, I know. You’ve heard all this before. You agree with everything, just like before. Yeah, I know, but why not just decide to live differently.

Yes. Decide to live differently. See things differently. Behave differently and open up to a life of infinite possibilities? Why not? It’s not really as hard as you imagine.

Start right now.

Stop saying, yeah I know, and stop ending every sentence with a but. Stop doing it now and see what happens when a bit of time passes by. Replace, yeah, I know, with, what if, and why not?

What if you’re selling yourself short? What if you have far more to give than you give yourself credit for? What if the world needs to hear from you, because they will never hear from you otherwise, and that would be a crying shame? What if you gave yourself the time and room to spread your wings, instead of complaining how windy or stormy it is outside today.

Why not start something? Something that makes a small impact or in time starts a revolution? You won’t every know until you know, but that one why not, will often lead you to another why not. Pretty soon, all those tiny, little why nots, will bring some wine, banish all whine, put on some seductive music of Barry White, and make some more why nots. And then what?

That’s just it.

You don’t know.

But, yeah.

I know.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Jan Tinneberg via