Your dreams cannot come true if you keep them chained up in a vacuum. They are not intangible cute little wishes. They are real. They need room to grow and take shape. They need real things to happen in order for them to spring forth.

They need you to write shit down. It’s important.

Really, truly important.

It seems like it wouldn’t be, that its the work that’s holding you back, that its not being in front of the right people that’s holding you back, but the fact is that directionless dreams never set down where they intend. Without knowing which harbour you’re heading for, you will never know how to adjust your course in order to get there.

That’s why you write this shit down.

You begin with writing down long term goals. From them should stem your weekly goes, and those need to be further broken down into what one thing you must get to each and every day.

Write it down. Look at it. See the successes and failures. See the things that come easy. See the things that are hard. See the things that repeat themselves over and over again. Without writing things down, you’ll never see the patterns, you’ll never see where you’re headed, and you’ll never get anywhere.

Dreams are not built by accident. Somewhere there is a real, handwritten blueprint of their origins. Every beautiful song has a rough, sometimes unrecognizable beginning.

You cannot act on orders you haven’t received. You cannot measure your progress against goals you didn’t know you had. Things have to be very specific. You need to be detail oriented, but above everything else, you have to write everything down.

I recommend before you go to bed that you write down at least 10 things that you are grateful for. This can be a person, an event, or anything that made you grateful to wake up today. If you have more than 10, write until you get tired, but never go to sleep without being conscious of the great things going on in your life.

When you wake up in the morning, you should identify the things you need to get done. I can’t say this enough, and I will just have to repeat myself, you have to write that shit down.

Potty mouth or not, it’s that important.

If you don’t believe me, try it for a little while, and by while I mean a whole year. Purchase a daytime calendar and keep all your dreams in it. Not what your boss wants you to do, or when your daughter’s next gymnastics competitions is, but keep track of where you are in terms of where you dream of being.

Dream out loud. Don’t hide. Don’t pretend any longer. If you have the courage to write things down, you will realize that you either have to stop writing and stop dreaming, or you have to get over yourself and start doing the things that need to be done.

Words. They are important.

Thoughts become things. They become things when we give them life through our words.

Go give your dreams life.

Write it down.

And spend the best part of your day working that they come true.


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