There is little doubt about the coming of winter and that’s perfectly ok. I will be honest with you that the older I get the cold gets to me more and more, but that might be because I have no choice and have to go to work every morning. If I had the choice to stay in with a warm cup of coffee while the wind was howling outside, that might be another story, but I digress slightly.

Winter is coming and I am glad it is. There is something magical that happens when this part of the world begins to go to sleep. There is something freeing about darkness or it could just be me not feeling the pressure to be outside. 

I’m an indoors kind of person and not because I don’t like the outside. I most certainly do but I enjoy watching it through a window. A window that opens of course. Fresh air is important, but a window none the less.

I’m very comfortable being inside. There are so many little things I can get to that get overlooked inside when the weather gets nice. Things to organize. Books to read and most importantly the enjoyment of other people as they don’t run around as much, Christmas shopping excluded.

I’m not sure why it is that I am like this but I find that it makes me very productive. Far more productive than the summer, despite the fact that I have the summer months off and the days are much longer. 

Productivity has nothing to do with time. It has everything to do with focus and attention to detail. Getting a little bit done, each and every day, or once or twice a week will get you further than sustained effort for a week or so and than bubkus. 

Winter is coming.

No doubt about that, but so is a wave of productivity that I hope you help me ride toward our dreams. 


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