The winds of change are blowing in your life and so it’s time to do something about it. It’s time to stop worrying about things and let the things that don’t anchor your life be blown away and disappear from your life.

That is the beauty of harsh winds. They come from all directions and the muck things up. They come announced and unapologetically. Life is like that. Always blowing us in this direction or that, but we should embrace this and not fight against it. Because the winds of change don’t come that often. We don’t get pushed enough to change. When they come it is important to let them blow. Let the blow away all that is trivial and meaningless in our life.

Why is it so hard to let go of bad habits? Or is it? Is it hard to develop good habits and ditch bad habits or is it that we have preconditioned ourselves to believe and think that what is will be and there is nothing we can do about it? Yet, if you have a heart attack, you finally take the time to rest get better and change what you eat and begin to exercise. You will if you want to live. And if you get fired and your source of income is taken away from you, it feels awful and you imagine yourself like you couldn’t possibly do anything else. But you do. You find another job. You get good at it, and in time become complacent again.

So how do we answer the winds of change? 

We answer with purpose. Purpose and action, not planning and waiting. 

If there is something nagging at you, or when an opportunity comes to begin or end something, you should take it. Take it before you are ready. Take it before you have all the answers. Jump on it and embrace it no matter what the consequences.

That is the beauty when you encounter the winds of change. It’s not personal. Life is not intentionally trying to hurt you. Ok, maybe the dying part is, but even that looks like another transition from what we think we know to something we aught to know.

Let go.

Don’t resist the change that is coming. Don’t hesitate when life shows you and pushes you towards something. Don’t over think things. Don’t over prepare. Embrace it. Run out to meet it. Do it.

Do it. Make the decision. Take out the credit card. Make the purchase. Make a choice that you will not be able to take back tomorrow. Let it ride. Climb onboard because we don’t get to see infinite number of winds. We get what we get when we get it. So use those moments. Use those moments to be someone you want to be. Don’t hesitate to change. Don’t hate the wind. Let it blow you where you yourself don’t have the gumption to go. 

Let go. Ride the wind. Get engrossed in the possibilities for your life.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Thomas Young.