You sometimes feel like a fraud. You hide yourself away from people and from real experiences because deep down although you want to realize your dreams, you feel that you are not good enough and that you don’t deserve what other people always manage to find. You fear success. I know its counter intuitive but it really is true that we all fear our own greatness.

Getting over yourself and leaping into the unknown to take your rightful place in the world has definite consequences. You are most likely going to feel lonely as there will be no one or only a sprinkling of people that will come and encourage you to keep going. Most people simply won’t be able to see anything until you get to the end and show them.

You will also be pulled in different directions that will challenge your will and limit your time. The closest people to you will flood your heart with feelings of guilt. Guilt because you are dying and you are. Dying to yourself and to who you are. Your rebirth is most uncertain. It is unknown. It is uncomfortable and they wish to avoid it. The people closest to you love you deeply, but they love you just they way you are. They are hesitant to embrace who they don’t know you will be.

All these feelings, combined with your own insecurities, past examples of failure, and seemingly endless amount of things that needs to get do, will make you fall to your knees and contemplate the security of quitting and letting the world call you crazy for trying.

Let them call you crazy. Let people laugh. Let them gossip. Let them do whatever they want that amused their time, but you have to keep asking yourself the same question. Why not you?

What reasons do you have that you can’t be great? That you are incapable of getting what you want to get? What evidence can you gather that suggests you don’t have strengths and capabilities that have never existed before.

You’re a very special person. I don’t say that flippantly and it is not a cliche. You are not a worn out phrase. You are a unique living being who is not a fraud. You may make an interesting decision now and then, but you see that world and embrace people the way no one has ever done before. You would be missed if you were gone. Missed for the many things that you don’t see that you do and you are. You would be missed, so why not awaken to the fact that you’re needed.

This is not a time in your life for you to stop. It is not a time to contemplate all the could have been’s. Not at a time a time to question your greatness. It is a time to awaken and ask the question again.

Why not you?

Why not today? Why not here and why not now?

You are great and you fear that greatness because the person who you know today is not the person you’ll know tomorrow, but remember that today will not be here tomorrow. There is no harm in letting yourself fade away

No more talk of being a fraud. No more whispers and rumours of not being good enough. This is your reminder and your wake up call to greatness.

Time to get moving.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Aaron Burden via