Your future hides in the present.

In this very moment.

Understanding the future is a somewhat tricky and ambiguous business.

What is to come is always able to hide in open sight precisely because we fail to gaze upon her. We end up looking right through her

We mistakes our dreams and think of what is to come, as some kind of indication of what our future will look like and we resign ourselves to living our lives and murmuring, some day.

But our future. Our dreams. The vision and blueprint of who we really desire to be and what we long to have, is right here. Hidden in the present moment.

Your future that you see in your minds eye is not so much an indication of what is going to come, as it is a call to do what needs to be done. Done right now. 

If you’re like me and dream of being a writer or an artist, you imagine being able to make a living by connecting with readers and helping them leap forward. Helping them leap into being who they are sometimes afraid of becoming. Helping them to imagine the possibilities and not being scared of who they are meant to be.

Your dreams have definitely something to do with the future, there is no denying that, but they have so much more to say about where you find yourself today and what your next steps should be at this present moment.

If you see yourself travelling the world one day. When you find the time. When you retire. When you have saved enough money, you should definitely pack your suitcase this weekend and begin to travel right now. 

That is perhaps a bit too much hyperbole but you should definitely do it soon. Do it before you retire. Find the time. Do it before you have all the money because when you’re older, you will have new dreams. You will find yourself a bit wiser and older, you may find yourself to be a touch tired, hopefully not unwell, and perhaps having the time of your life looking after your grand babies. 

When that day arrives that you dreamt of, you may have found yourself a whole set of dreams altogether.

Your dreams are for right now.

They are an indication of what you want today.

You don’t have it, but that doesn’t matter. 

Your ideas of things to be are trying to tell you what you need to do.

If you want to be a writer, go and continue writing. If you want to open a restaurant, go make meals for your family every day, like they were your first customers.

If you want to run a marathon, go outside and try to at least make it all the way to the mailbox. Tomorrow, try to double the distance.

If you are lonely and want to be in love, go take a shower, dress yourself up and go out to a place where there are likeminded people. Your future lover is not going to accidentally bump into you. You have to go out and find them.

Accidents happen, when you’re living with purpose.

You’ll get lucky, after you’ve done all the work.

Let your future be your guide. 

A blueprint of what needs to be done.


Right now.

Not tomorrow.

Not someday.

This day.

If you’re waiting for permission to begin, begin. If you’re wondering if you’re good enough, you are good enough.

Listen to your dreams. Don’t look past them.

Embrace them.