I don’t know where I’m going sometime, or what I’m meant to do, or what I’m doing things for, and my direction sure doesn’t feel right sometime.

The philosopher Martin Buber offered a brilliant insight into human freedom and determination. He said that we live our lives somewhere in-between these two realities. It’s never all just hard work, and its never just blind luck. Success and failure plays itself out and we end up somewhere between what we want and what life is willing to part with. Free will and destiny are always engaged in a fierce battle against each other, and we we are the casualties that find ourselves smack in the middle of their war zone.

You try to pull to the right and you’l get pulled to the left. You plant your feet firmly in the ground but you’ll get blown down. You try to walk slowly and cautiously, but the wind at your back lifts you and forces you into a sprint.

Life is not easy. Chasing your dreams is not easy. It’s not easy, but its damn meaningful.

It’s hard to know what’s coming up the road. It’s near impossible, but that is why it’s so important to remember and focus on taking only one step at a time. Not to look too far ahead, because if we do, we’ll stop walking and get pushed down by fear. We’ll stop working and we can’t. We need to continuously work, no matter what. No matter how we feel, no matter what’s happening all around you, because hard work is what ultimately fuels our dreams.

I am not sure where all of my writing is taking me. I do have a dream of connecting and conversing with many people all over the world. I have thought up and am following a designed a purpose. I am slowly maturing and growing into a professional writer and speaker, but there are days where my direction doesn’t feel right.

There are many days in fact, where I wonder what sense anyone will ever make of any of this. There are days where everything is very unclear. But on mornings like this I ask myself why not?

Thats’s what’s most important. Asking yourself why not and what’s next?

What’s next is important.

Finishing something and getting on with something else is crucial to the realization of your dreams, and of living a fulfilling happy life.

Many people never finish. They quit before the cross the finish line. They walk away before they can discover if something will work or not. They want things to happen on their time, but its not their time to begin with.

So what’s next? That’s what’s for dinner.

Ok. I don’t really know what that means, but it sounds fantastic.

Ask yourself what’s next for you. Develop and grow into a definite state of readiness.

Readiness for anything and a willingness for everything.

It’s important to be ready and not get alarmed by feelings of confusion, frustration, uncertainty and doubt. Readiness is a state of being that is willing to take on the next thing and to take the next step. To live one day at a time, without any guarantee of success. Without the fear of failure. Being ready is facing the many challenges in your life without any fear, or despite of it.

What’s next for you?

What do you need to finish?

What do you fear?

Finish it.

Take a breath and look for the next step forward.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Hội an via unsplash.com