Create a life of doing whatever it takes. Not blindly and unethically of course, but a life that will push you to become someone you might not think you can become. Do whatever it takes, so that you are always growing. Do whatever it takes, so that you leave this life without regrets, and plenty of things you could have done if you were given the time. Do whatever it takes. Make no excuses. Don’t cry to much over disappointments and don’t spend much time basking in your success. Do whatever it takes and then do a little bit more.

There are only two times of day. I’ve got meaningful shit to do, and I’m on my way to discovering the meaningful shit I have to do. So stop looking at the time too figure out what you should be doing. Four am is not too early and midnight is never too late. It’s a matter of perspective and all depends on wether you’re doing what you love, or if you are doing what someone else loves. Doing what you love is better, and you need more of it in your life.

I’m not talking about selfishness. I’m not talking about exploring all the human vices and putting yourself at the circle of everything. I am talking about sacrificing your life so that paper gets filed, that will eventually be shredded and ultimately forgotten. I am talking about working so hard for your family, but never having the time to see them. Not because you don’t want to, but because you’ve let someone else decide when and how this happens, and sometimes there is so much to do, you don’t get to have time with your family.

It takes time to transition to a do whatever it takes attitude. It doesn’t happen overnight. It is a muscle and a response that you have to push yourself to build. It will take some time, but you absolutely need it if you’re going to be different than all the people who are dreading heading to work, and fantasize about doing and being someone else.

Seth Godin said that if you dream and can’t wait for the next vacation so you can get away for a while, perhaps you need to design a new life that you can’t be parted from. You should do whatever it takes to find that life. Do whatever it takes to find meaning in what you do.

We all want to accomplish something. At the end of the day we want to make sure that the work we do actually matters. It matters. It makes a difference. That people are better for having known us. That people are better because of what we shared.

Don’t stop and never put limits in front of yourself. Don’t judge yourself and aim high. Life is going to hand you what she will, but its better to bring a big bucket, instead of a dixie cup. You never know what is going to happen next, so be determined to do whatever it takes today, so that you’re open and ready for what will come tomorrow.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer Jon Tyson via