If you do nothing you get nothing.

Aung San Suu Kyi

Nothingness seems like a very simple and straight forward concept. You do nothing, so in turn you get nothing. If you fear to take a step forward, and so your dreams will always remain just outside your grasp. You will be live a life of an unfulfilled observer, a restless passenger, and die beneath the unforgiving weight of your regrets. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Nothing is a funny word. It is nothing more than a place holder. The actual word nothing exists, but ironically, that’s where it ends. If I ask you to imaging a purple unicorn, you can do so, despite there being no purple unicorn’s in the universe. That is because purple exists, and a unicorn, is just a horse with a horn, but the word nothing, is just a word.

You are not nothing. No matter what you choose to do today, you are going to do something. Now, the important thing to recognize is that no matter what, you’ll do something, what remains to be discovered is if what you do will be meaningful or meaningless.

You have to act. You have to live. You have no choice in that. That is not a nothing, it is an absolute and dignified something. You are a something. You were born with gifts and talents no one else can use as well as you. No one but you sees the world, quiet the way you see it. No one has made the human connections you have. Only you can act upon this world, the way only you can, and nobody else.

If you do nothing today you will get nothing or if you do you’ll get everything.

There is nothing like pursuing a dream. There is something so satisfying in working towards something that you’ve never had before. Working towards being someone you’ve never been before. They say the journey is far more important than the destination, but in fact, the only thing we have is the journey. Our life is like the ocean. There are no streets, or the right place to be. We can simply navigate our lives in whatever direction we can, with whatever other vessels we wish to travel with.

So no more talks of nothing. You are most certainly something. Your life means everything.

Take a step forward. Drip a little bit of your passion each and every day. Live moment by moment. Work at what you want again and again. Don’t ever give up. Ever.

You are very needed. Your hands, your mind and your heart needs to run free. Don’t hide inside of yourself. Your soul needs the freedom of the universe. Your dreams need the vastness of open space.

Continue to do something and something is bound to happen. Something will happen. You will make it happen, and we will be richer for it.