If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure,

you will fail above everyone else’s success.

James Cameron

It would be a titanic mistake for you to play it small. Don’t hide from all of us. Don’t worry if what you dream of doing may not turn out as perfect as you hope. Forget that people may laugh. Forget that they may even try to stop you. Aim really high and you can’t help but end up much better than where you are.

One woman success is another woman’s failure and its ok. It’s ok to become a failure. The truth is, most people are too timid to start, push through, or finish anything. They go through the motions of existing, never finding the courage to live. Those are the people that will judge you. Tell you that this is not for you. That your dreams are too big. You need to be more realistic. You need more time. It’s too risky.

They may be right and you have to be prepared to fail, but you have to open your sail. You cannot predict where and when the wind will blow, but you can certainly be ready to harness it’s power when it comes.

Don’t play small.

There is nothing humble about that. Nothing attractive at all about keeping your gaze down, deflecting every compliment, being afraid not to stumble, and letting others run the world.

Not enough good people with great ideas stand up and take what’s theirs. They raise their hand, like in school. They wait too long to be chosen. They are afraid to be wrong, but they are not afraid to regret their passivity when its their turn to call this a life.

Set your goals ridiculously high.

Dream as big as you can.

Work tirelessly until you make it or not.

Crazy things happen all the time and even if they don’t, your best effort will still be better than the effort you’ll never take at all.