Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.

Bob Marley


My God is that ever beautiful and worth memorizing.

Write it down in your journal, or carve it out on your heart.

We have to face the reality of what we will suffer. Someone, somewhere, at some point is going to hurt us. They will judge us. Misunderstand us. They will refuse and stubbornly ignore our ideas, stab us in the back, or refuse to listen, and those are just your lovely children.

You will be hurt. Someone will inevitably and regrettably hurt you, and what’s worse is that you’ll probably hurt someone else as well. Maybe you’ll do it on purpose, or maybe by accident, or just maybe you’ll act out of decade old habit. Patterns that you painfully weave through from one century to the next.

You have to keep reminding yourself throughout all of this is that there is always another chance. There is always a way to be good again. It will not be easy. It is never easy and it will certainly won’t be light, but there is always a way to be good again.

Our true freedom lies in in our gaze and our ability to choose who will suffer for. It lies in our decision as to who we will submit to. You have to choose most carefully who you’re willing to suffer for.

You may suffer for your children or you may lay down your life for your lover. You my choose to suffer in silence and carry your pain pleasingly to God. Whomever you choose to suffer for, just make sure they are worth it.

Suffering is unavoidable. Understanding and appreciating suffering is vital.

Suffering  is like a fire. Our lives are in the forge of life. We are melted, made soft and moldable, transformed into something useful; a formidable weapon or an indispensable tool. As seasoned weapons we get to go out and make this world a better place.

Without suffering, you’re like a dull knife, pretentious and dangerous in a blade fight.

Embrace your suffering. Direct it the right way.

Learn to suffer to be good again.