How many people get a chance to do something they really believe in?

Terry Fox


A meaningful life is not a given and life doesn’t owe you anything. You have to get this straight, or you’ll suffocate yourself with feelings of regret and disillusionment. Life has no obligation to romance you with the vacation you’ve been dreaming for or to help you buy that new house, in that posh neighbourhood, the one that’s a little out of your price range. A meaningful life is not a given. It’s not common. It is earned. A meaningful life is earned by believing.

But believing in what?

Only you can answer that question.

Terry Fox believed in something greater than yourself. He believed in the possibility of curing cancer which continues to inflict such devastating pain on so many families. He believed that he could make a difference. A real difference, even if life didn’t give him the pleasure of seeing it for himself.

Your life, like his should be fuelled by a purpose. You don’t have to wait to be dying, or to find yourself befallen with any other tragedy before you choose believe and do something great. You can believe right now. Become an individual who has the chance to do something they really believe in. You have a chance to stop admiring great men and women who have gone before you and instead become like them.

You have to find the courage to believe. Whatever it is that you need to believe in. You should never give up. Never stay down for long. If you can get this straight, you would be cable of making meaning tremors that would shake and rumble throughout the whole world.

Your dreams may go unnoticed, but so what? All great things begin when no one was watching. All the great moves and shakes in history began with tremendous trepidation, not knowing if they would get anywhere, but they got somewhere, didn’t they? They made a difference and there is no reason you’re not capable of doing the same.

You have to begin. You have to begin today and believe in something.

Be one of the lucky ones, the uncommon ones and look for your dreams. Chase them. Wrestle with them and when life tests your will, never give up.

Never, ever, give up.