Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.

Mark Twain


You owe yourself and this very day to be beautiful. For this reason you should avoid making statements that destroy your efforts before you can even begin. Like when it rains, and you tell yourself that it will be a most miserable day. The way you dread Mondays and thank God it’s Friday. You have to give them all a chance. Not because you are scared it might be your last, but because it is here, and you are here, and its time to do and be something great.

All days are important.

The sunny ones and the wet ones. The summer ones and the winter ones. Days full of hope and days full of sorrow. Days brimming with work and days graced with rest. None of your days may turn out exactly as you hoped, but you owe all of them the respect they deserve.

They didn’t hurt you. They are nothing more than a blank canvas.

You’re not, but they are.

You come with a past. Begin your day with your ups and downs. You come at it with your triumphs and failures. But in turn, each day greets you without any expectation. It greets you full of optimism. It embraces your decisions with love. It gives you the opportunity to live most meaningfully.

So live most meaningfully.

Live without expectations.

Don’t wake up with alarm. Wake up with opportunity. Don’t see the red lights in your life, see all of the green ones that allow you to move ahead.

Don’t waste your day.

Any of them.

Especially this one, which could turn out to be the most beautiful day of your life.

Tomorrow is on its way. It will bring with it its own set of challenges and possibilities, but don’t forget or ignore what can happen today. Right to the very moment you lay your head to sleep.

Today will never return, so give today a chance.

Keep an open mind.

Fight the urge to remain the same, to do what you’ve always done, and to put things off until tomorrow. If you want different things, you have to do things in a different way.

Choose to be different. Choose to be great.

Choose to live today, as the most beautiful day of your life.

The most meaningful moment in time.

At least until tomorrow.