You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

Mae West

Once is enough.

It’s enough because life is not about living right, or having the perfect life. It’s not about climbing and scratching your way to the top, or gathering monetary chestnuts for the winter. Life is about living. It’s about making meaningful and beautiful movements. It’s about living to the fullest.

Once is enough.

No matter where you were born, to whom you were born, or what wealth or poverty you’ve been given.

I guess it comes down to ideas of scarcity or abundance. It comes down to weather you believe you live in a universe of abundance, or a cold macrocosm of infinite want. Very few people believe in abundance. Scarcity is seems to be all around. Or at least it’s reported as such.

For most people abundance is a nice idea, but deep inside they consider it a childish illusion. They treat any mention of it as an unrealistic fairy tale. They say that I haven’t lived their life, that I don’t understand their predicament, that in life you have to fight for every inch, and you might still get kicked in the teeth.

If they are right, living once will not be enough.

Infinite time will never be enough. Nothing will ever be good enough. If we were born into a scare reality, we will need more than a few rounds in the ring and certainly thousands of lifetimes to steal even a sliver of happiness.

Once will not be good enough.

Which is why I do not accept or believe in reincarnation.

I’m with Mae West on this one.

You only live once.

Once is enough. It becomes enough when you accept that happiness is possible. That meaning is accessible. For you and for anyone, at any time.

Your life can be great if you stop drafting and telling yourself untrue stories about yourself. Lies. Stories of doom and gloom. Stories of I can’t, I’m not good enough, if only, if I was born with their talent, and if I only had their money. Your life can be great if you stop accepting failure before you begin.

Accept abundance.

You only get to do this once.

It’s impossible to be happy if you think that something nefarious is lurking around every corner. Everything is impossible if you don’t believe you have the power to decide to be happy.

Decide to be happy.

Don’t squander your life.

Do it right.

Once is more than enough.