Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.

Vince Lombardi

You are in charge of the habits you create. The good habits as well bad habits. Winning habits that uplift you, and losing habits that make you crumble. But the choice of which habits to embrace is always yours. The habits you create and follow are up to you. Through your habits you predestine your life for success or failure.

Winning is a habit.

As much as losing is one, and each path demands a different way of being.

People with winning habits wake up with a purpose. They don’t stay up late avoiding the coming of a new day. They work on what needs to be done next and never by the hour.

They know how to dream. The execute a well organized plan. They don’t complain. They don’t fear failure. They aren’t scared to change. They are open to new possibilities. They are most flexible in how they live their life.

People who win smile.

They make others better.

They have successful habits.

Habits that demand listening and growth. Habits that ask you to adopt other people’s wisdom as your own.

Successful habits don’t take life for granted.

They don’t use people and they don’t fall in love with things.

Winning ways and successful habits follow a divine path.

And what path are you on?

Can you identify your winning and losing habits?

What time do you go to sleep and what do you eat?

Do you burden your mind with gossip? Chase your worries and regrets with alcohol? Fill up your lungs with nicotine?

Do you quit at the first sign of resistance? Do you stop working and dreaming because the world pushes back?

Do you turtle because people criticize your methods and intentions?

Where do you go when the storm hits?

What do you do to help other people?

Can you be proud of what you do, or do you hope no one will ever discover the things you’re up to?

You’re in charge of your habits.

They are not easy to break, but you will only go as far, as the habits you embrace and build.

Examine your life.

Support the habits that bring you joy.

Burn and destroy everything else.