The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but on significance –

and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning.


Significance and little victories. Little victories and significance.

This is what’s going to realize your dreams.

That’s what is going to take you on a path to greater meaning.

And greater meaning is what you want for your life. Greater meaning is what you are after.

Fame and fortune always rusts and fades away. It’s what starts life long feuds and wars. Someone has to win and so someone has to lose, but not so with meaning. Greater meaning is eternal, it is self diffusive, and belongs to everyone.

People will be very quick to criticize.

They are quick to judge and give their opinions, but they don’t really know you. So don’t take what they see or think so seriously. They don’t know where you’ve been, what you’re dreaming of, why you’re dreaming in the first place, and where your little stops are hoping to go.

People mean well, but they are too quick to encourage or discourage you because they are afraid too.

They are afraid that if your little stops and little victories bring you joy and fulfillment than they have to make changes and find little steps too. They are afraid of being successful because it destroys comfort and embraces sacrifice and failure.

Focus on the little things.

Take a few little steps.

Read a good book. Have a meaningful conversation with a friend. Start a journal. Start a video blog. Walk your dog a little more often. Clean up your garage. Become a student and learn something new.

Don’t focus on success. It comes last.

Focus on significance.

Focus on progress.

Learn to love to practice.

Practice a lot.

Don’t play the finite game and learn to enjoy the infinite process. 

Focus on little steps. Focus on little victories.

Stop listening to naysayers and continue walking on your path to greater meaning.