It’s pretty hard for the Lord to guide you, if you haven’t made up your mind which way to go.

Madam C.J. Walker


You say you need divine guidance or at the very least some basic human understanding.

You’ve been asking for it for years.

You’ve dreamed. Prayed. Hoped. Wished. Begged.

For nothing.

Nothing ever happens.

Your prayers go unanswered.

But what are you begging, wishing, hoping, praying, and dreaming of?

How vivid are your dreams? How much do you really know them?

It’s not enough to just vaguely talk about what you want. You have to discern all the nuances and all of the details. You need to work damn hard, tirelessly, and patiently, to see all of the micro components of your macro reality.

It’s not enough to want to be rich. How rich? How much money do you want and need? And why? Why that amount? What are you going to do with it? In what span of time? What are your plans? Where are you going?

Why should anyone care to help you if you have no real purpose for it?

Dear Lord, please deposit a healthy amount of money into my barren bank account, so that on the off chance I get around to it one day, I’ll try to do something with it, if I remember, of course, but please, please, please do hurry.


Utter nonsense.

It’s impossible to get help if you don’t know what you need.

Life is a process. Success is a process. Happiness is a decision.

Yes, a decision.

First, you decide to be happy. Than you greet each day and make the most of it. You will fall sometimes, sure. Sometimes you’ll even fall a lot. But no matter what you’ve made a decision. You may suffer a lot. Be asked to endure a lot. Maybe swear a lot. But there will be good days too, and because you made a decision to do something, you will certainly be guided and people will come to your aid.

In time. When they are ready.

Just make sure you’re specific because one choice reveals another.

One corner revels another corner.

One successful endeavour, leads to another.

So make it easy on the Lord, if you believe in one.

Make up your mind and know who you are first.

Make up your mind which way you want to go.

Start walking and you’ll see your guiding star.