If man makes himself a worm he must not complain when he is trodden on.

Immanuel Kant

Thoughts become things.

The way you see yourself matters. And seeing the world as abundant or getting scared of its scarcity matters too.

It also matters how you talk to yourself. How you talk to others. It matters what you say about yourself and what you say about others.

What you think and imagine yourself to be, will determine who you’ll become and how you’ll be treated.

If you believe yourself to be a worm, you will be trampled.

If you see yourself as a turd, you will be flushed or scraped from the bottom of a dirty shoe.

But if you believe you have something to share, your contribution will be welcomed.

If you believe yourself to be great, your greatness will make an impact.

If you give, you will receive.

When you start you can never see the end. You can never see what will happen. You can try but you can never guess, even with the best research, what will leave a long lasting impact. There is no way of knowing, but that’s no reason to prevent yourself from doing it.

Don’t be a worm or at least do as all a favour and stop bitching about it.

If you want to lose weight, close your mouth once in a while.

If you are tired of incessant gossip, do a bit of the same.

If you think people will judge you and misunderstand you, let them judge you and misunderstand.

If you feel something deep inside your heart, don’t hide from it, but embrace it.

Let your thoughts become something.

Dream big, because no one else will.

Don’t wish for half or a piece. Wish and demand it all.

Work for it all.

Believe you can.

Least of all, don’t complain that nothing good ever happens in your life, when you’ve willingly resigned yourself to a life of complacency and comfort. Don’t complain that life is unfair and don’t you dare hate the shoe you that treads upon on you.

The shoe is just being a shoe, just the same way as you have chosen to live life as a worm.

You’re better than that.

Be conscious of your thoughts.

Be in touch with your dreams.

Don’t worry about the shoe.

Take care and only worry about you.