What is right to be done cannot be done too soon.

Jane Austen

Patience is a virtue but not for you and not right now.

Right now is the time to move and you can’t move too soon.

Right now is a time to act because tomorrow may be too late.

There will be more to get to tomorrow or far worse, you’ll find yourself regretting what you didn’t do anything today.

But don’t get overwhelmed. You don’t have to do everything at once. You don’t have to do everything today. You don’t have to implement all your dreams all at once, but you know it’s right. You can feel it.

Right to be done and right not to be done too soon.

So why wait?

You will never be more ready. You will never be without your flaws. You will never be without questions. You will never be without doubts. You will not be give the chance to purchase more time to your life.

So what’s stopping you?

It doesn’t matter.

I don’t think you can solve your inability of inaction rationally. I think that is what has brought you here in the first place. This is what has brought most people to this place in the first place.

We think. Think again. Feel. Feel anxious. Wait. Think again.

We do nothing.

But you just have to let go. Don’t learn to let go, just let go.

Let go of yourself. Leap into the unknown.

Fight against not being ready. Fight against your mistakes. Fight against not knowing enough. Fight against your doubts.

Close your eyes, spread your hands, open your heart, and leap forward.

You won’t crash. The world won’t end.

What is right is right and you know it’s right.

And if it’s right it’s not right that you hesitate and wait.

What’s right best be right to be done right now.

Done soon.