Hope is patience with the lamp lit.



Many people wake up each and every day longing for hope.

You may be one of them.

Maybe you’re a person who looks for hope only when your days get short and your burdens heavy, and when your life seems well, you have a most terrible time seeing. You fail to grasp. Fail to feel. You are too tired to be moved by the hopelessness and loneliness of so many others.

But hope is always present.

It is always there.

Always accessible and available.

It is you who are sometimes absent and distant.

Hope is something you can’t take for granted.

You should draw your life from it each and every day. Weave it into your every dream. Utter it with every breath. And share. It is most important to share. Share with those you love. Those you meet. Those who need it the most.

Hope is patient.

It has no deadlines. Knows no limits. Keeps no score.

It never gets tired. Or offended. And it never quits.

Hope is a light.

Sometimes a very dim light.

But it is never a match. It’s more like a lamp or an oil soaked torch.

Matches burst into flames too quickly and are gone way too soon.

Lamps on the other hand keep their light indefinitely, as long as you continue to refill them with new fuel. Hope burns warm and bright and it’s yours for the taking.

Hope is like patience with the lamp lit.

Patient and life giving.

Light yours today. Don’t let die. Share your wick with others.

Let hope guides your life each and every day.

Hope has been given to you, so when the darkness comes you can lead others.

Don’t look for hope when you find yourself in your most desperate hour.

Look for her every day.

Stop using matches.

Help others light their lamp.

Be patient with yourself.

Be patient with others.

Be kind.

Be open to possibilities.