Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and

get paid just enough money not to quit.

George Carlin


Having just enough and always working hard enough might just be your problem.

You’ve work hard enough all your life and you’ve earn well enough so you feel kind of silly complaining or feeling unsatisfied, because after all, what about all those starving children in Africa?

What about them?

How is earning more or doing more with your life going to effect them in a bad way?

The opposite is true, yet we hang on to that mantra like our lives depended on it.

We generate lots of excuses which help us be content and satisfied with enough. We seem happy to be resigned to fling low because we are afraid to fly too high. The sun looks like a bright, terrifying, unforgiving beast. Best to do enough not to get fired. Best to suck it up with what they give you, so you don’t have to quit.

Why sing and perform, when you can teach?

Why write poetry, when you can be a copyeditor?

Why learn how to cook, when you are satisfied to criticize the finest restaurants?

Why grow in wisdom, when you can go to any University and collect your Ph.D?

But why are you satisfied with enough?

Because enough is not really meaningful. Enough doesn’t inspire. It doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t do anything. Enough serves itself.

Enough doesn’t wake up with a smile in the morning. Enough doesn’t look ahead. Enough doesn’t let go of the past. Enough doesn’t look forward to the future.

Enough is just enough, but enough is never enough.

You’ve been given wings for a reason, and not so you can walk. Not so you can fan yourself when the heat of summer comes. You were given wings so you can fly. So you can find your purpose. Find the meaning of your life. So that you can be a sign of hope for others.

Enough is never enough and you are worth far more than that.

One day you will discover that you no longer exist.

And it would be a shame to learn that you never really lived either.