Every light has its shadow, and every shadow has a succeeding morning.

Nicolaus Copernicus


Every light has its shadow just like there’s a crack in everything.

I think we get ourselves in trouble when we forget how much all that we see and do is in perfect and delectable balance. We stumble and fall when we forget that what goes up must come down. That the moments of pain we experience will one day be superseded by joy, just like our moments of joy will be inevitably displaced by pain.

We revolve our lives around the sun, just like the sun revolves itself around its galaxy.

I don’t think we need much of anything when things are going well. I think when the shadows come, we embrace at them with a full heart and a certain degree of satisfaction. We don’t mind the setting sun. We understand that good things have an end. We understand because we were blessed with a sense of meaning, a sense of gratitude that gets to live in our wonderful memories.

Where we need to be on guard is our disbelief that every shadow will always be greeted by a succeeding morning. Especially if and when we find ourselves in the dead of winter of our lives. When we have suffered for too long. When we have been beaten down for too long. When we think that our work doesn’t matter and that our lives are insignificant.

It is in these times that we need to hold fast to this truth and remember that every shadow has a succeeding morning. That every winter melts and is superseded by spring. That there is a crack in everything because thats how the light comes in.

Waiting for something meaningful is never easy. There will be many days filled with dark shadows, but the morning always comes. The sun always rises. The crooked paths are always made straight. Our lives matter no matter what anyone thinks and so does the work we engage in.

If you find yourself basking in the joy of light, be grateful and don’t take it for granted.

If you haven’t seen a sunrise or felt the warmth of spring for many days, take heart that its almost morning. Things never stay the same. Its the law of nature. Trust in the balance of it all.