Some people regard discipline as a chore.

For me, it’s a kind of order that sets me free to fly

Julie Andrews


Discipline is not sexy.

There is nothing glamorous about practice, or showing up every day, despite your mood and regardless of the many countless other things, you should or would rather be doing.

But discipline is not a chore.

Far from it.

It’s not a prison.

But it can set you free to fly one day.

And give your dreams a fighting chance to come true.

Discipline calls for self-sacrifice. It demands time, accepts no excuses, calls for order, and envisions an ultimate glorious purpose.

It’s not easy.

That’s for sure.

It’s never easy.

Watching other people loft themselves from one social gathering to another, drink in hand, while you sit alone working on something that might not be realized for years, will be hard.

It’s never easy to trade the excitement of the present moment for a far distant one, but doing so needs not be a chore.

Discipline has a different aim.

It defers the joy of the moment because your ultimate goal is to fly.

To traverse the heavens while others remain grounded.

Doing the same old thing. Changing channels. Complaining about this and that.

Remember that you seek freedom.

The vast openness of the infinite sky.

Yours is a higher calling.

You have much more at stake.

But a disciplined life is the only way to live in the heavens.

Without long days and hard work it won’t happen.

You need to fall in love with all of it.

The ups and the downs.

The peaks and the valleys.

Discipline yourself to follow through.

Discipline yourself to show up no matter what.

Remember your purpose.

One day, you’ll be set free to fly.