When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.

Harley Davidson


This is your life. It’s your time. It’s your moment.

Its your time to leave your imprint on human history.

No matter how grand in scope. No matter how small.

No matter how seemingly insignificant it may feel.

No matter how triumphant or how frail.

Every person and every movement is interconnected.

Everything has deep and indecipherable meaning.

And if you don’t make your mark, nobody else will.

They can’t.

Nobody else knows what you know.

Nobody else has suffered like you.

Nobody else has your hang ups. Your quirks and your instincts.

No one else sees the world like you do.

So embrace your time.

Embrace this very moment.

Write the story of your life.

Start writing today but don’t let anyone else hold your pen.

It’s your pen.

The instructions about how to use it are on the inside of your heart.

You won’t find them at school. In a magazine, or on the evening news.

Popular opinion often fade.

Values come and go.

Morals are either defeated and defended.

Time and time again.

Over and over again.

Despite of everything. Because of everything.

Your story must be written.

Adolf Hitler and Anne Frank were connected in love and hate. Terry Fox’s greatest courage came from incurable cancer. Robin Williams’ laughter sprung from most unimaginable pain.

Trust yourself.

Take courage in being you.

Don’t you dare complain about being human.

Be grateful for your human nature.

The good and the bad.

Have faith that you have everything you need.

Have hope in the part you were born to play.

Go write your story.

But remember.

Don’t let anyone else hold your damn pen.