“It only takes one tree to make a thousand matches

but it only takes one match to burn a thousand trees”.

Kelly Jones


When words like daggers find you and penetrate your heart, nobody will see you bleed.

You’ll be robbed of your ability to defend yourself and you’ll have no visible wound.

There will be no victim and no perpetrator.

No visible crime.

No problem.

No worries.

Because its so habitual to just let words fly.

To spread rumours.

To engage in innuendos.

To gossip.

To make a thousand matches.

And with one match burn a thousand trees.

It only takes one malicious mouth.

To jump to conclusions.

To speak out of place. To speak without empathy.

To destroy what has taken years to build. To suffocate what is delicately beginning to blossom.

It only takes one match to burn a thousand trees.

One word to destroy a life.

But it also takes one word to easily build.

To live on the sunny side of life.

To see a way out, instead of the darkness within.

A kind word. An open hand. A generous gesture, goes a long way.

And is often unsung.



But it bears no less impact than a match.

Words have power.

Incredible power.

And all our thoughts have a purposeful intent.

You’re either in or out.

You are either giving life, or trying to snuff it out.

You’re either a person who builds or a piece of turd who seeks to destroy.

You will never get credit for being kind.

But so what?

Life’s better when you’re kind.

But just in case you don’t know. You will reap what you sow.

The door which upon which you rattle will be opened for you.

Be careful the door you choose.

Be careful what you seek for it will be found.

Life I can be beautiful when you learn how to breathe. Life is meaningful when you’re surround yourself with a luscious, fragrant forrest.

Smoke is not so easy on the lungs.

Gossip aims to kill the soul.

Starting with yours.