‘A diploma is less useful than a ticket to a movie’.

Soichiro Honda

You should stop chasing pieces of paper and control your chronic need for validation.

Do something already.

Stop stalling.

Stop waiting.

Summon some inner strength and start something.


But let’s not misunderstand each other.

We’re not talking about the life long and noble pursuit of becoming a nautical engineer, a brain surgeon, or a gifted psychiatrist.

Some diplomas are most definitely and infinitely worth more than a movie ticket.

But everything else stands in your way.

Most of the time, getting a diploma is only an excuse. A way to play it safe. Nothing more than an infinite stall tactic.

It smells too much like fear and smacks a bit close to not being willing to get into the hustle and bustle of living.

You car learn far more from Dead Poets Society, than your four year English degree; with a special emphasis on Doctor J. Evans Pritchard.

And you don’t need to enrol in film school or get a degree in journalism to become a good writer or an exciting new film maker.

But if you do choose to get one, just remember that it doesn’t give you any right to complain about how you can’t find work. How the internet has ruined everything and how you can’t catch a break.

Good writing gives birth to new readers.

Good films find new viewers.

Good anything is free for the taking.

I am not suggesting that diplomas can’t be considered personal achievements, but they will often leave you exactly where you started. 

Without your book.

Without a film.

Without the moxy to start a ruckus.

You need to stop waiting to be picked.

Stop getting validated through degrees.

Stop demanding untested success.

Take your diploma or save yourself some time.

Go see an inspirational movie.

And go start a riot.