Instead of wondering when your next vacation is,

you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from.

Seth Godin


Create a life you don’t need to escape from.

Escape from the prison of your own making.

Create a life you don’t mind sharing, that feels meaningful and complete.

Share yourself abundantly. Without asking for anything in return. Without clandestine moves, or ulterior motives. Without ladders and promotions. Without long hours and constant worry.

Such a life is possible.

It’s not only possible, you are most likely in possession of all the blueprints.

You are the architect, not them.

You are a dignified human being, not cog in a wheel, in these modern times.

There are things that you should have never been asked to compromise. There are things you should have never been asked to give up. There is never a time to compartmentalize yourself, and pin one part of your life against the other.

Your work should never be in conflict with your family. You should never have to choose between a paycheque and the time you have with those you care about.

I know that’s how it is, but it’s not a vacation that you need.

You need a whole other life and it won’t be easy. That’s for sure.

But neither will be dying with regret.

Dying without meaning or purpose. Having to say goodbye to a life you didn’t really live. Desiring more time with the people you didn’t make enough time for to begin with.

Build a life where you can be yourself.

Uninterrupted. Unapologetic. Glorious!

Build a life you don’t need to escape from.

Repurpose the walls of your prison.

Build a life that inspires others.

A life that will be missed when you’re gone.