“As a child my family’s menu

Consisted of two choices:

Take it or leave it”.

Buddy Hackett


Two choices.

Take it or leave it.

Do it or don’t do it.

Yes or no.

This level of childlike simplicity is the key to accomplishing everything.

We are often overwhelmed by the complexity of the many choices that push themselves upon our consciousness and demand our attention. We are easily frustrated by the seemingly infinite number of steps, we think we must understand first, before we can get started, or keep going.

We complicate things. We overthink things. We flinch.

I remember seeking advice from my friends, when I weighed a pudgy 337 pounds. I asked them, if I should weight train with dumbbells or exercise with machines. If I should perform low reps or high reps. If I should split my routine this way or that way. If I should exercise in the morning, or in the evening.

They had loving pity for me.

Look, they said.

Don’t overcomplicate things.

You’re fat.

You need to lose weight and as far as we’re concerned, anything will work.

Stop asking questions and do something.

Pick up any object within reach. Light or heavy and drop it on the floor. Bend your fat body and pick it up. Repeat.

Repeat until you get tired.

Do it every day.

That’s it.

Do anything. Do everything. Do something.

That is the menu of happiness.

Take it or leave it.