“It isn’t all over;

everything has not been invented;

the human adventure is just the beginning”.

Gene Roddenberry


It’s not over.

It’s never over.

You can be down. You can be out.

You can feel like there’s no point in continuing with any of your crazy adventures. You can even fall victim to believing all of the exaggerated news reports, that purpose your dreams to be dead.

You can do all that, sure, but it still doesn’t mean it’s over.

Because one of the reasons you circle back here so often, is because when you look in the mirror, and you get discouraged by a hack. You imagine yourself to be an impostor. You don’t feel worthy. You don’t feel ready. You believe yourself to be a fraud.

You spend the best part of a day, accusing yourself of being nothing more, than a plagiarist. But each day is a reminder to the next that everything hasn’t yet been done yet.

It awaits your contribution. It awaits mine.

It demands your handprint. It yearns for your voice.

Nothing is ever forged in a vacuum. All is borrowed. Everything owes a debt of gratitude to something else.

So, don’t worry about it. Don’t listen.

Your purpose is not to be first or the best, it is simply to create and give. To keep the conversation going. To engage, at least for a little while, in the beauty of the infinite dance.

Your role is to live and share. To contribute. To create.

Our human adventure is just beginning.

You’re only just getting started.

It’s far from over.

It’s only the beginning.