“You’ve gotta push the sh*t up!”

 M R A


If you have worked for something. If you’ve been driven to create something great, you know that inevitably, someone is going to come along, and try to flush your dreams down the toilet.

Your enemies, most certainly, have you in their sights.

But sometimes, the resistance you’ll experience the most, is somewhat unintentional.

Your boss, your best friend, or even your boyfriend for that matter, have a desire to help you. They have a desire to not see you disappointed when you fail. They don’t want you to change. They don’t want you to risk. They don’t want you to leap into the unknown. To reveal yourself to the world, where wolves prowl in open sight.

They mean where, but they are determined to keep you, just the way you are.

But that is not who you want to be.

Not now. Not anymore.

Not the you who wants to emerge on the other side, as someone else. The you that dreams of a remarkable and spectacular synthesis. A you that longs for a new day and a resurrection.

There is a lot of sewage, that will most certainly flow down in your direction, in the vein hope to stop you, or at least slow you down.

You gotta push that shit up.

Push back.



I don’t care what you smell.